Indonesian Women Alumni

The project examines the experience of Indonesian Women Alumni and leadership. It seeks to contextualise reintegration into their society, and in particular the challenges and opportunities afforded post-award in furthering their leadership aspirations. The research study has two broad aims: 1) it aims to better understand Indonesian women’s leadership aspirations, identifying the qualities and attributes of leadership, their leadership aspirations and the barriers and opportunities that they feel impact on them.; and 2) the research seeks to develop a leadership training approach that incorporates the knowledge and experience gained by Indonesian women as Australian Awardees living and studying in Australia with their experiences and understandings of their own cultural and societal context post-award.

There is to date few studies that examine in a more nuanced manner the post-award experience of women and whether studying in Australia and subsequent return to their society has enabled them to achieve leadership aspirations. This project has been successfully awarded a grant by DFAT Australia Award in recognition of the significant gap in understanding of the post-award context, especially in relation to women’s leadership aspirations. A significant investment in Indonesia as a partner country for Australia and for Australian Award scholarship means that contributing with greater knowledge of Indonesian women is also significant.